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EXCLUSIVE: LRPD Cadets Man Phones, Take Hundreds of Calls

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Between typing and taking reports, Little Rock Police Cadet Diondre Fuller says the phones ring constantly.

"Misdemeanor thefts, I would have to say or accident reports... bumper to bumper," says Fuller.

Cadet Fuller works in the Little Rock Police Department Telephone Reporting Unit, a group of six cadets people can call to file police reports.

"A big part of it is the report writing. I did some ride-alongs and report writing is a big part of it," adds Fuller.

The 20-year-old works while waiting until he can apply to be a police officer.

"I love to feel like I'm needed... that makes me feel like I'm needed," he continues.

Little Rock Police Officer Steve Moore says the unit averages more than 1,500 calls a month. 

The cadets have already filed more than 700 reports in June.

 The goal of the unit is to free up the 911 Communication Center and allow officers to respond to high-priority calls.

"If you've got somebody reporting they've been injured, struck or something like that, that somebody needs to see, we need to verify and see then we're going to send an officer out there," says Ofc. Moore.

While Cadet Fuller writes and takes calls, he says he's getting on-the-job training before hitting the streets.

"Just being able to talk with them, keep it nice and calm and get all the information you can from them," says Fuller.

The cadets range in age between 18 and 21.

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