EXCLUSIVE: Man Charged with Nearly Killing Baby Lost Job in 2016, Mom Says

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Some of life’s precious moments are remembered by photos.
“This is [a picture] from prom day,” says Lakeysha Lawson. “Look at how that baby is looking at him.”
They’re only memories though.
“No way he could hurt his children. His children are everything to him,” she says.
Her grandchild, three-month-old Brycen Davis remains in critical condition while his father Brandon Davis, 22, is charged with battery.
Lawson’s son graduated a year early from the Little Rock School District.
“He got a scholarship and it wasn’t based on his grades but it was based on his character,” she says.
Soon into college, Brandon returned back to Little Rock and was offered a job at a windmill factory.
“Brandon had his own car and he had his own apartment out in the Pleasant Wood area,” says Lawson.
Lawson says her son was laid off in 2016.
“I noticed that he went into a depression because he went from making a lot of money to where he could live, take care of his son, pay his rent, car note, light bill, all that to zero dollars,” she says.
Brandon had his first run in with the Little Rock Police Department in July.
“The only regret I can maybe say he was raised without his father but that was not my choice,” says Lawson.
As Lawson comes to grip with today’s reality, she has a grandson fighting for life and a son in jail.
“We’re praying for Brycen to pull through and he is progressing but yes I miss my son,” says Lawson.
She believes her son did not hurt baby Brycen and he is innocent.
Police say Brandon was watching his two sons while their mother was working at the hotel where the alleged beating happened.
He’s in the Pulaski County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

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