LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The man who says his daughter was killed after police say she was reportedly ‘dropped’ from a moving car on Interstate 30 in Saline County earlier this week is grieving.

Edward Wilkins, who people on both sides of the child’s family confirms is the father, says his heart is breaking.

“My world just stopped right there,” says Wilkins. “I couldn’t believe it.”

He says his five-month-old baby, Maria, was the child Arkansas State Police said died after reportedly being ‘dropped’ from a moving vehicle on Interstate 30 in Benton Tuesday.

“She was always happy. Just smiling. She didn’t cry too much or none of that,” says Wilkins.

Wilkins says he doesn’t understand what was going through Whitney Turner-Tyson’s head.

“She could’ve just brought me my baby,” says Wilkins. “I am going to miss her. She was just starting talking, saying daddy.”

He says he tried calling Turner-Tyson the day before his daughter died but Turner-Tyson’s phone was shut off.

“She could not take a lot of pressure,” says Wilkins.

Wilkins says he’s taking it day-by-day but he’s starting to blame himself.

“That day, I started having feelings about my kids. I was getting worried, something that’s just on me,” he says.

Turner-Tyson remains in the Saline County Jail and faces a capital murder charge.