Facebook post warns LR, Saline County about a man impersonating Bryant High student

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SALINE COUNTY, Ark. — People through Little Rock, and surrounding areas are coming together via Facebook. All sharing a similar story about a man approaching them, and asking for help.

Here’s the thing, this mans story isn’t adding up.

Many of the people we talked with tonight have said the experiences they’ve had with this guy were scary or aggressive.

Most of their stories start the same. He approaches telling them he’s a Bryant High School student who needs help.

He hasn’t been identified, but most have the same description of him.

“People need to be warned about what’s going on around town,” said Zarah Nurmohamed a witness to this mans actions.

Nurmohamed is sharing her experience to warn other who might be in the mood to give to others.

“You could just see somebody on the side of the road and say oh I’m going to make this my good deed of the day, and you don’t know what that person is on, what they’re capable of,” said Nurmohamed.

After one man confronted her and her coworkers asking for help at a gas station in Bryant, she said he then went to others, many buying him gas and giving him money. Still something didn’t seem right to Nurmohoamed.

“But seeing somebody his age, that’s what shocked me the most,” said Nurmohamed.

She isn’t the only one with a story.

“He said ‘Sir, I need some help’ I said okay,” said David Thomas who was approached by the man.

I talked to two other people who say they have encountered this man before who claimed he tried to lure them into his car.

Thomas said the man asked him for a ride back to his truck, but as soon as Thomas offered to call his parents for help the man took off.

“I don’t know what his intent was, but it just seems like he’s going down the wrong path,” said Justin Ridgeway who was approached by the man.

It gets bigger from there, one woman posted her story on Facebook and several people commented saying they have experienced it too, many shared it in hopes of warning others.

“People try to help people as much as they can, so to see somebody like that, that tries to manipulate it really hurts,” said Ridgeway.

One person we talked to said she is concerned because this guy has continued to do this, and one day he could walk up to the wrong person.

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