SHERWOOD, Ark. – Sunday, families were seeking justice after they said their kids were involved in hit and run collisions just one day apart.

“We want justice for our babies first and foremost,” mom of a child involved in a hit-and-run, Savannah Huber said.

As you walked through the doors of the Bill Harmon Recreation Center in Sherwood, people lined the room with a common purpose.

“We are trying to bring some awareness to the community, this has been an on-going issue, we have had several victims that have been affected, families that have been affected, it has affected all of us,” Huber said.

Savannah Huber said her daughter Addison was hit by a truck at the end of February, the driver left.

“It was a Sunday afternoon, we were at home, kids were playing outside with their friends, nothing abnormal about this. I received a phone call from my 12-year-old son saying that his sister had been hit by a truck,” Huber stated.

“We were crossing the road, and this lady waved me on before I crossed the road and the guy just ran through the road, ran me over, and then went along,” child involved in hit-and-run, Addison Christman said.

A day later, another child was hit.

Carissa Murdock said it’s been traumatic for her 12-year-old son who is still recovering.

“Still on a day-to-day basis we are through therapy, doctors, numbers of appointments to ensure that he is okay,” Murdock said.

The pain may never go away, but these families are hopeful that by sharing their story, others will join the fight.

“I wanted to come out to speak for other children who couldn’t or passed away or maybe can’t talk to this day to raise awareness,” Christman said.

Both moms said they hope to get the attention of some lawmakers in Little Rock, to change laws in the future, because they said leaving the scene is not an accident.