Family asking for answers after their dog was found shot to death in Conway

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CONWAY, Ark. – A Faulkner County family is looking for answers after their dog was found shot to death earlier this week.

This happened along North Drive in Conway. The family says they found their dog, Jeter after being shot multiple times.


Cullum said Jeter had wandered off once before, and she came back later safe and sound, but this time the unimaginable happened.  

“I dont know for the life of me how anybody could do what they did,” Cullum said.  

It’s still hard for Cullum to wrap her mind around what happened to her beloved dog. After searching for more than 24 hours, they found him late Tuesday.  

“He just came right by here and the orange collar stood out,” Cullum said.  

Thanks to his bright collar they were able to find him lying near a wooded area. He had multiple gun shot wounds.  

“Our 9-year-old, 11-pound mini schnauzer in our family wouldn’t hurt a fly. I never would’ve in a million years dreamed that this was his fate,” Cullum said.  

Now the family is wondering who would do such a thing.

Cullum said she contacted the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, but state laws said she can’t file a police report because the dog wasn’t found on her property.  

“I could understand living in this kind of area, maybe another animal attack or that kind of thing but to know that someone purposely, intentionally took his life,” Cullum said.  

The family said that it still hurts as the days move on. They say the feeling of something missing still lingers.

“We can’t bring Jeter back but if we can stop anyone else from losing their animal, their family member, that’s our goal,” Cullum said.  

The family is offering a $600 dollar reward for information leading them to the person who did this. Two total strangers donated the money after hearing about the story on Facebook. 

 If you know anything you can contact Cullum here.

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