NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Since Sunday night, family members of 36-year-old Marcus Williams from Jacksonville have formed search parties in North Little Rock after he was last seen on his dirt bike. His family says their urgency is raised because of his health issues. 

Frederica Fields-Cross is the mother of Williams and has been desperate to find Williams after she says he went out with his friends on his dirt bike in NLR. 

“He was on his dirt bike but the handlebars were loose the last time they saw him he was going towards the England exit on Interstate 440 headed towards Faulkner lake,” said Cross. 

Cross says she has a horrible feeling something bad happened. 

“My heart is telling me the bike went off the road,” said Cross. 

After days of not hearing from him his sister Marquita Williams called police. 

“Tuesday, I called the North Little Rock Police Department and explained everything to her and she told me to do a missing person report. and I went to Jacksonville [Police Department] where we stay,” said Williams. 

The families worry for Williams a high priority, Cross says,  because he is very sick and has been on dialysis for the last 7 years due to kidney failure. An issue Cross says his sister brought up with him the day before he went missing. 

“His left arm had three blood clots and it was very swollen. His hand had bubbled all the way up like a big bubble and she told him you need to go to dialysis and he told her he would be there Monday,” said Cross. 

But Cross says he never made it to his dialysis appointment and since then his family has been doing search parties and all of the locations they think he could be. 

“Me searching I feel better but when I don’t search I feel hopeless like where is my brother at,” said Williams. 

In spite of their pain the family says they will continue their search because they don’t want to give up hope.