Family concerned after finding shell casings near home in Hot Springs

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-A Hot Springs family shaken up after finding shell casings just feet away from their home.

Hot Springs police say they received several calls on Friday about shots fired near the intersection of Wren and Bloom street.

No one was hurt, but the family says it could have been much worse.

Jerry Spetsieris says he didn’t know where the bullets were coming from. He says one could have easily hit his home or his wife and son.

His says this isn’t the first time hearing gunshots, but it was too close this time.

“This is not a joke. This is not us complaining, Oh we heard noise, these people are shooting and this is real,” Spetsieris said.

A reality that turned into a nightmare for Jerry Spetsieris

“The shoots went off it was like boom, boom, boom, boom because this was the first time it was that close,” Spetsieris said.

A close call that startled his family Friday night after hearing gunfire near his home on Park Avenue in Hot Springs.

“Nobody slept that night,” Spetsieris said.

He called the police, and they searched around his home and the intersection of Wren and Bloom street. Officers didn’t find anything.                                                                                                                           
“I didn’t know if they were spraying bullets at a target or is someone going slam through the house,” Spetsieris said.

Saturday morning, Spetsieris found shell casings on Wren Street, about a hundred feet away from his home.

“This is not something I can stand up and help with, we have a 14-year-old with autism. I have his safety and my wife safety to consider, “Spetsieris said.

It’s something Spetsieris can’t understand which is why his family is on edge.

“I’ve got good people around me that I know of but how can you feel safe. I don’t even know what’s happening and I don’t know what they’re shooting at,” Spetsieris said.

Hot Springs Police removed the shell casings from the area on Saturday.

Police say there are no suspects, and no one was hurt. It’s unclear what led up to the shooting.

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