PULASKI COUNTRY, Ark. – It’s been four days since anyone has seen or heard from Little Rock’s Kaniya Weddle.

The 30-year-old was supposed to meet friends at a local bar Wednesday night but never showed. Now, search efforts are underway in Pulaski County to find the missing woman and bring her home. 

Off West Maddox Rd. in Jacksonville is a rural path that leads to a chained gate and a “private property” sign. That wooded area is where Kaniya’s cell phone last pinged, nearly 30 miles from her last known location. It’s also where a GPS led Kaniya’s family Sunday morning, who searched for hours looking for any clues as to what happened to Weddle. Nothing turned up. Theresa Cooper, Kaniya’s cousin, was one of the searchers. “On GPS, we tracked her phone,” Cooper explained. “We were able to search the property, but it was unsuccessful.”

Kaniya’s loved ones haven’t stopped their search since she first disappeared Wednesday night. Kaniya was last seen at Bar Louie on Cantrell the night of April 14th. Cooper says she met with friends and took a photo, time-stamped at 10:48, but didn’t meet the group at a second bar after they parted ways. Her family last saw her at a cousin’s home hours before. That was the last time anyone has seen Kaniya in nearly a week. 

For her family, the unknown is terrifying. “It’s the uncertainty,” Cooper said. “We don’t know if she’s alive, we don’t know if anybody has talked to her.” She says the young woman was always checking in, concern for her family at the front of her mind. She would often text a family member every day – Cooper says the disappearance came out of nowhere is very unlike her. 

But Cooper and her family are holding on hope that Kaniya will be safely returned. They have just one goal in mind – find her and bring her home. “Please contact the Little Rock Police Department,” Cooper begged if anyone has seen her. “Time is of the essence.” 

Kaniya was said to have been driving a 2019 black Jeep Cherokee Latitude when she was last seen, license plate 550YVI. Her phone last pinged off West Maddox Road in Jacksonville near the Centennial cross-section. If anyone has seen her or her vehicle or knows any information, please call LRPD at 501-371-4829.