HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-  “It’s been very hard, you just get a lot of false leads and don’t know where to look,” says Tamera Cullins, mother of Timothy Poss. 

The family of the Hot Springs man who went missing on September 1st has been has brought in a missing persons expert to help find him.  

“He was my baby,” says Cullins.   It’s been an agonizing month for Cullins and other family and friends who haven’t heard a word from 31 year old Poss.

“I’ve looked in this whole neighborhood,” says Cullins, we’ve searched the woods.”

Now after just over a month, retired detective and missing persons expert from Missouri, John Underhill has joined the search.

“There are techniques that you can utilize to search for missing persons if you’re not experienced at it,” says Underhill, “different things you look out for.”

“He’s teaching us how to really look for more stuff that I wasn’t even thinking about,” says Cullins, like a grave.”

Weeks ago, Tim’s family found a duffel bag filled with some of his belongings, now they need more.

“A lot of times these families just want the loved one found,” says Underhill, “they don’t care about anything else.”

So they’re back out, trucking over tracks and looking in lakes they’ve searched ten times, hoping to see something they didn’t before, to find their loved one or at least find closure.

“After a certain amount of time it gets harder and harder for the investigation,” says Underhill.  “Then there’s been cases that have been solved years and years down the road.” 

“I just want my son back,” says Cullins. 

Underhill says he’s done more than 7000 hours of pro bono missing persons work all over the United States.  Right now he’s working on another case from Missouri potentially connected to this area.