Correction: In the initial reporting, we said Lewis was taken to jail in the front seat of the deputy’s car. He was in the rear driver’s side of the deputy’s car and unbuckled. This is a policy violation as Lewis should have been in the back seat opposite of the deputy and buckled.

PERRYVILLE, Ark. – Perry County Correctional Officer, Jeremiah Story, was shot and killed at the Perry County Detention Center on June 22.

Jeremiah’s family has spoken for the first time since the incident. His aunt, Annette Cheveallier, said he was shy when he was a kid.

“He was a very sweet kid. He always thought of others,” said Cheveallier.

Jeremiah Story was an Arkansas Guardsman and a Perry County Correctional Officer.

“He wanted to be a state trooper or go full-time army,” said Cheveallier.

Jeremiah Story was shot and killed while in the process of booking an inmate.

“He was gone already before we got to the hospital that night, and hearing that was the worst thing I have ever… he was just a baby… he was 21, so he was an adult, but he was just a kid,” said Story’s cousin, Claster McCarrick.

According to the Perry County arrest warrant, Roderick Lewis was not searched by the arresting deputies prior to arriving at the jail the night of June 22.

“I think one of the cops asked him, do you have anything on you that you aren’t supposed to have… and that was all that was done, he never was patted down,” said cousin, Claster McCarrick.

Jeremiah Story was inside a bathroom with Lewis to get him into a jail uniform, when according to the warrant, Lewis pulled out a gun and shot Story one time in the chest.

“He’s dead because he let that man bring that gun in there and shot him,” said McCarrick.

Now, the family wants justice.

“Someone died from this, and they need to be charged with criminal negligent homicide because they were negligent on their job and if they would’ve done their job, he would still be here,” said McCarrick.

The family now holds onto the photos and memories they have of Story.

“It makes me smile and happy to remember,” said cousin, Claster McCarrick.

They also shared what they will miss most about him.

“Seeing him walk through the door, or saying, “hey Annette can you wake me up in the morning”, said Story’s aunt, Annette Cheveallier.

According to the Perry County Sheriff, Lewis was taken to the detention center in the rear driver’s side of the Deputy’s car without a seat belt, causing the sheriff to “lose trust in them [Deputies]”.

At this time the arresting deputies are not facing any charges.

The alleged shooter, Rodrick Lewis, was arrested an hour before the shooting in the jail.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Lewis was arrested for driving while intoxicated, and other drug charges.

Lewis is now being held in Faulkner County, charged with capital murder.