Family wants cards for PCSSD elementary principal shot during car sale scam

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. — The wife of a Pulaski County Principal who was shot during an online sale turned robbery is asking for a small gesture of support from the community.

Sunday marks a week since Lawson Elementary Principal Matt Mellor and his friend Dennis Bradley were shot. Since then Matt has been in the hospital ICU. While his wife says he’s expected to make a full recovery she’s hoping cards will help him along.

“We wanted to post them all around his room in the hospital, and once he gets home, and then I’m sure he’d want to take them up to the office just to show support and to show how many people care about him and love him,” Lynda Mellor said.

Lynda says her family’s Facebook pages have been flooded with messages of hope and support from people across the country. She’s asking those words to be put into letters that Matt can hold on to.

“We know people are praying for him,” she said. “It could have been so much worse.”

The two friends went to Pine Bluff, since Bradley was hoping to buy a Corvette advertised for sale on Facebook.

In an interview with FOX 16 last week, Bradley says the seller asked the men to drive to where the alleged car was, off of 5th and Oleander behind a Car-Mart. Bradley says when they got there the man pointed a gun at their heads and demanded cash. Bradley has a concealed carry license and happened to be carrying, so he pulled out his own gun but never had a chance to fire, saying the other man shot him in the hand, then shot Mellor.

“Had he not had the gun there the bullet would have hit him [Bradley] right in the face and we feel certain that he would have just shot Matt as well,” Lynda added.

While Lynda is grateful her husband and their close friend have a chance to recover, she’s warning others that this fake salesman turned shooter still hasn’t been caught and could scam again.

“Learn from our mistake, meet at a police station, go somewhere safe, take someone you can trust,” she said.

Mellor’s family is asking for cards, letters or postcards to be sent to the following address:

Matt Mellor
PO Box 973
Bryant, AR 72089

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