Fast storm causes damage to Lake Hamilton neighborhood

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LAKE HAMILTON, Ark. — An unexpected storm popped up in Garland County yesterday evening and it left a neighborhood around Lake Hamilton in shambles.

Neighbors in the Windy Point neighborhood near Lake Hamilton said all the destruction was caused in just a matter of seconds

Bill Catanneo said he watched Wednesday’s storm roll in from his back window, initially he didn’t realize how much of a punch it packed.

He had nine trees toppled in his yard, one actually fell onto his home, leaving minor damage.

Wednesday’s storm only affected a small area around Lake Hamilton.

“Yeah we just got lucky that it was such a small area really that was affected that it didn’t branch out and get other houses so I think the whole neighborhood’s lucky,” Catanneo said.

Catanneo and other neighbors were surprised at the quick response.

“Came this morning, were here before eight, finished it up so they have they been…disaster response has been phenomenal,” Catanneo said.

Windy Point neighbors are just thankful Wednesday’s storm was only a short event.

Power crews are still working and Entergy said that power should be restored to this area by Friday morning at the latest in Lake Hamilton.

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