PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – A father is warning drivers to keep an eye out after his daughter’s car was hit by a paintball on the interstate. 

It happened Thursday night around 9:00, when Sid King and daughter Ali were headed westbound on I-40.

The duo had just passed the Crystal Hill Rd. exit near North Little Rock when they heard a loud metallic bang, King said. 

“It was a metal sound and I mean a large pop,” he remembered. “[My daughter] said, ‘what did I hit?'”

What King originally thought was a rock turned out to be a bright orange paintball, discovered after the pair pulled over some 30 minutes later in Conway. 

“It put a dent in the side of the door about as big as a silver dollar,” King said, although the projective avoided the driver side window or windshield. “It had paint where it hit, tapered all the way back near the end of the vehicle.”

He added he couldn’t see where the shooter had been standing but believes the shot may have come from an overpass or even another car heading eastbound. Once in Conway, King called North Little Rock Police to report the incident, and says a dispatcher told him he wasn’t the only trying to file a report. 

“She said, you’re not the first call that we’ve had tonight about this,” he said, adding that NLRPD told him Arkansas State Police had jurisdiction over the highways and he had to file a report with them. 

Now, he hopes his story will push drivers to keep an eye out when traveling late-night on highways and report any suspicious activity that could lead to a damaged car. As for his daughter’s car, they will be taking it to a repair shop as soon as they’re able.