Faulkner County’s Lollie Levee holding steady

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CONWAY, Ark. – Part of a levee in Faulkner County has been damaged by the unprecedented amount of water flowing down the Arkansas River. 

While county officials say it’s not at risk of breaching, they’re not taking any chances. 

Outside the Walmart store in West Conway, they’re taking precautions in case the damaged levee does give way. 

It’s about seven miles away, but we’re told if it does breach the water could reach this far and into residential neighborhoods. 

That’s why the county is working with the Arkansas National Guard to strengthen the levee where it was damaged earlier. 

Earlier Wednesday, Black Hawk helicopters were picking up what they’re calling “super sandbags” that weigh up to 5,000 pounds. 

They’re flying them out to Lollie Levee where county officials say about 10 percent of the levee has come off. 

“There is a small slough on the west side of the levee and where some dirt has washed off and that’s why we’re bringing in the helicopters and such to fix that,” explains David Hogue, Public Information Officer, Faulkner County.

In the last two days, they’ve placed about 160 super sandbags in that area. 

They are finished for now but will keep an eye on the levee. With the river expected to fall soon, it’s working in their favor.

Officials say they’ll be turning their main focus to Lake Conway next. 

At the Walmart store, they’re preparing for the worst in case the levee were to breach. They’re expecting to have sandbags in place Wednesday evening and have had some outdoor items moved to other stores. 

Again, officials don’t think the Lollie Levee will break down, but if it does, the county wants everyone aware and prepared.

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