First day of the legislative session in Arkansas

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — With all new things, there is excitement and rejuvenation. For the 93rd General Assembly they are hoping they can come together for the greater good of Arkansas.

Lawmakers compared the first day of the general session to the first day of school.

“Get to see everybody again and lots of squealing and long distance kind of air hugs but it’s been really fun to see folks again,” said St. Rep. Nicole Clowney.

However, there is business to be done and there is no shortage of things that this legislature will attempt to tackle, beginning with COVID.

“Need to be thinking about how we can make life better for the essential workers that make our lives easier I know that that certainly gonna be at the forefront of my mind as we start session,” said St. Rep. Nicole Clowney.

“We really feel like we can roll up our sleeves and help contribute to better in and help and out those who are first-line responders,” said St. Rep. Aaron Pilkington.

In the Senate there was debate on the rules of operation under the pandemic.

“What if you have a legitimate medical reason as our current senate rules supply,” says St. Sen. Trent Garner.

“Well the medical rules allow you to stay at home,” said St. Sen Stephanie Flowers.

“Ma’am there are scientific reasons why you may can attend, but not wear a mask via the CDC and others and the governor’s executive order is that in this rule as well,” says Garner.

Both chambers are trying to pass similar rules to avoid drastic differences and having to pass more rules for joint sessions.

Committee meetings will begin tomorrow and Governor Asa Hutchinson will deliver his State of the State address, which will be tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m.  

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