Flood clean up continues at Burns Park in NLR

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The clean up is far from over after historic flooding in the natural state.

In North Little Rock officials are working around the clock to get things back to normal for summer.

The park is open, but the dog park, soccer fields, and the river trail remain closed because several parts are still underwater, surrounded by sand and debris.

Heavy rain and strong winds we’ve seen in the past few weeks made the problems worse.

“It sounds like an ocean with the water coming up here,” Parks and Director Terry Hartwick said.

“It’s next to the river, of course, it’s now a beachfront property as we call it,” Hartwick said.

Burns Park in North Little Rock is still on the road to recovery. There are trees split in half along with sand and lots of debris.

The park isn’t quite the beach.

“The impact this flood has had on our city and our parks every time we think we have it figured out it’s another million dollars added to it,” Hartwick said.

Parks and Recreation Director Terry Hartwick says it’s a never-ending project.

“Every time we think we have it cleaned more sand and debris,” Hartwick said.

“Crews are working six days a week but we had to stop because the water was going down. Now we’re going back to five days a week,” Hartwick said.

Hartwick says they’re doing all they can.

“We can’t wait to get it all ready. I’ve talked to bikers and we are trying,” Hartwick said.

The golf course is open, but they’re still working on parts that were damaged.

The dog park will remain closed and will be relocated to another area in the park.

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