HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – After a dog made it out from its backyard in Florida, it somehow ended up all the way here in Arkansas.

Now, it’s back with its owners, all thanks to the help of a microchip.

A video to capture a reunion of a dog that was thousands of miles away.

“I was just full of joy — I almost cried, it was really sad but I was sad and happy at the same time,” dog owner Louis Gonzalez said.

Louis Gonzalez’s husky named Storm is in Florida, but after getting past the fence after getting let out to use the bathroom, she was nowhere to be found for days.

“I was the whole day, I called off work and it was a whole day looking for her on the streets on Facebook to see if anybody had posted her,” Gonzalez said.

As the days turned into weeks, she ended up almost 20 hours from home at the Hot Springs Animal Shelter.

They scanned the dog for a microchip and it came back registered to Louis.

The microchip was the one thing that made the reunion possible.

“It was like you haven’t seen a family member in years,” Gonzalez.

“1,230 miles is amazing, in a week and a half to two weeks and we are just thankful and blessed that he was reunited with the animal,” Hot Springs Animal Village Lieutenant LeeAnn Zaner said.

Both Louis and LeeAnn said the microchip was the one thing that led them to be reunited.

“We really encourage all owners to microchip their animals because this right here, the reunion would’ve never been possible,” Zaner said.

“I’m happy right now because I finally got to see my dog again after so much time that has passed by,” Gonzalez stated.

Storm is working on getting her health back up to where it needs to be, but Louis said she is doing great.