Food pantry struggles to fill shelves after both vehicles broke down

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SHERIDAN, Ark. – A Grant County non-profit is struggling to make ends meet after their only two vehicles broke down. The Grant County Unified Community Resource Council, Inc. is having trouble picking up donations for their food pantry and other services.

GCUCRC Inc. survives on donations and relies on four wheels to get them.

“You can see half of our shelves are empty,” Assistant Director Mandy Taylor said.

This non-profit serves the community in several different ways from a women’s shelter, providing discounted clothing and a food pantry. They use their vans daily to pick up donations across the county and even in Little Rock, but lately they’ve had trouble getting them up and running.

“During that time I’m out. We can’t get any food, I can’t get any pick ups. We’re just stranded,” Taylor said.

Their newest van is completely out of commission. The other has to be taken to the mechanic three times a week.

“The transmission that keeps throwing a code and will not let us shift gears,” Taylor said.

Plus there are other issues.

“Our door is falling apart, one windshield wiper so it’s falling apart. This one definitely needs a lot of work,” Taylor said.

Serving 200 households a month, 400 per year, they’re struggling to keep the shelves fully stocked.

“It breaks your heart. I have people who come in who they’ve had house fires, they need emergency food,” Taylor said.

While they haven’t had to turn anyone away yet, if they don’t get the cash to get both vans back out on the streets full time they could soon.

“That’s what really scares me is having to tell 200 families that I don’t have their food this month because I could not go get it,” Taylor said.

GCUCRC Inc. is taking donations to fix their vans. To donate click here.

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