Former police officer’s uniform used in non-lethal weapon target training

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ALEXANDER, Ark. — A video surfacing on YouTube shows a former Alexander police officer’s uniform on a wood cut-out that was used as a type of target practice. 

A man out of Texas has created the YouTube channel focusing on police accountability.

He goes around to different public departments, films them and gets raw reaction. He calls it a “first amendment audit.” 

“I seen the video and I was like, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,'” the former Alexander officer said after seeing his old uniform in the video. 

He doesn’t want to be identified, but thought he was putting his time with that department behind him. 

“I just want to be able to live in peace and be left alone,” he said. 

Instead, this week he learned his old monogrammed uniform was back in the spotlight, captured in a Youtube video outside the Alexander Police Department with what looks like shots from paint balls. 

“It is distasteful and disgusting that they would even train on a silhouette that has a police uniform on it,” he said. 

Though turned inside out, he was able to make out the name and badge and feels it’s retaliation.

“It’s just a misunderstanding,” Office Josh Glass said with Alexander PD. 

Officer Glass is seen in the video and spoke to us over the phone, explaining why the uniform was used. 

”Whenever we were going through the old uniforms and stuff like that, which is the only clothing we have at the department, we took the first thing we found, which happened to be an officer’s [uniform], who’s not here anymore,” Glass said. 

He says the target is still set up but is now inside and says its former owner was never considered. 

“Unless you just went up there and pulled it up and looked underneath you wouldn’t be able to distinguish whose it was,” Glass said.  

Whether the choice was simply based on available clothing or not, the former officer was fired and struggles to believe the decision to use his old uniform as target practice was innocent. 

“To me it felt like they were dressing me up and taking their stress out on it,” he said. 

The officer believes he was terminated for being a whistle-blower, but when an internal investigation was done, he says nothing was found. 

His family has contacted the Attorney General’s office hoping for more transparency. 

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