Four Rock Region Metro employees test positive for COVID this week, leading to services being cut

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- COVID-19 has officially impacted public transportation in the capital city.

“I solely depend on the bus here,” said Michael Matlock, Rock Region Metro Passenger.

Rock Region Metro announced four new COVID cases have popped up this week.

Meanwhile, 16 other staff members are now quarantined and waiting for test results.

“Now it’s going to be more of an impact on the bus system due to that,” said Matlock.

Michael Matlock said when he first heard COVID-19 hitched a ride on a couple of Rock Region buses, he was really concerned.

“I solely rely on the bus system. Without having a vehicle this is my transportation to and from work so I solely depend on it,” said Matlock.

To make sure no more buses get taken off the job, Rock Region Metro said they are doing everything possible.

According to Rock Region Metro, all the buses get cleaned nightly.

However, the buses who had drivers test positive for COVID-19 were pulled from service, got an extra deep clean, and now those buses are being held for a waiting period.

“That does give us a sense of security that there’s a chance that the virus gets wiped away each time,” said Matlock.

Even with all the precautions, the lack of drivers is causing routes to be canceled.

Rock Region Metro said their goal is to keep one bus on each active route, so instead of a bus coming every 30 minutes, it will now be once an hour.

“It messes everything up you know, it makes me wonder how much longer this will last,” said Matlock.

A total of six Rock Region employees have tested positive for COVID-19 since June. Two of them have returned to work.

Rock Region said the list of canceled bus routes is changing constantly, so click here for more info.

For more information on Rock Region Metro click below.

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