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FOX16 INVESTIGATES: Police Say 'Homeless' Sex Offender Found Living at Home Near School

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Hanging out with his nieces is one way Justin Hayes beats the heat.

"They should have the most protection," says Hayes.

Just a few doors down on W. 16th Street, North Little Rock Police say Jimmy Weeks, 70, was living at a home for more than a week. 

Weeks is a convicted level three sex offender.

Hayes says Weeks has been at the home for awhile but had no clue of Weeks' past.

"Once you brought the information to me, it was very astonishing," says Hayes.

The home Weeks was allegedly living in is a minute or two from Boone Park Elementary School.

Weeks is a registered sex offender out of Lonoke County.

"He's been recently registered as homeless," says Lt. Edwards. "It puts a whole lot of strain on law enforcement."

Lt. Edwards says Weeks has lived in Lonoke County since 2004.

"It's not per say he's constantly homeless. It's 'Hey, I don't have a place to live right now, this is where I'm going to be living."

State law orders homeless sex offenders to report their location every 30 days.

Lonoke County deputies require them to report once a week.

Lt. Edwards says tracking homeless sex offenders can be difficult but they do the best they can.

"We have to take their word, that that's where they are living and check on them periodically," says Lt. Edwards.

Hayes says he will be thinking about ways to keep better tabs on homeless offenders.

"A discussion needs to be [had] about on ways to prevent incidents like this happening," says Hayes.

The state classifies a level three sex offender as someone with a history of repeat sexual offenses and/or a strong antisocial, violent predatory personality.

Weeks is in the Pulaski County Jail, facing failure to register and offender living near a school charges.

North Little Rock Police officers have not released any other details about what led them to Weeks.

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