LITTLE ROCK, Ark – The Arkansas Office of Outdoor (OOR) is partnering with Black Women Who Kayak+, LLC (BWWK+) to offer free kayaking for those who are interested in joining the effort to increase outdoor diversity this September.   

According to BBWK+ officials, the organization’s focus is on dismantling the stereotypes of what African American women will and will not do in sports and green spaces where they are seldom seen.

“Our focus is to educate about why it’s important for everyone to appreciate the land and water we love,” BWWK+ Founder and President Tanya Walker said. “We empower women to hold space in their new adventure and inspire women to include their family and friends, once they feel their new space is safe and welcoming.”

The event will be Saturday, September 24 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Little Maumelle River. The kayakers will access the Little Maumelle via the River Mountain Boathouse at 4420 River Mountain Road in Little Rock.

Organizers like OOR Director Katherine Andrews hope that this event will initiate the launch of a BWWK+ chapter in central Arkansas and enhance OOR’s diversity efforts.

“BWWK+’s goal of encouraging women of color to participate in sports in green spaces aligns perfectly with one of OOR’s goals: more diversity among those who take advantage of all the outdoor recreation The Natural State has to offer,” Andrews said.

The kayaks and equipment will be donated by Rock Town Outfitters.

Free food and music will also be available. Children are welcome to attend. Those interested in attending must register online.