From potholes to falling debris: Temporary bridge in Saline County causes issues for drivers

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BENTON, Ark. — Delays on interstate 30 near Benton since Wednesday are causing headaches for drivers. The backup is a part of construction projects on the interstate, but it’s not just the traffic jam causing issues.

Several people who live and travel in the Benton area are complaining about the current conditions of a temporary bridge, some are scared potholes might cause a serious crash.

As you drive along Interstate 30 near Exit 114, you might notice something. 

“I complain about it to myself, when I come through here occasionally,” Garvin Hines said. 

If you’re like Garvin Hines, you might be sick and tired of the potholes he said he hits time and time again on the temporary bridge near Exit 114. 

“I find it to be very rough, a lot of potholes,” Hines said. “And a little bit uncomfortable— riding it on a motorcycle.”

The bridge is in place while the permeant one is being built but drivers have concerns after seeing large potholes. 

“On lunch, coming over the bridge, hit a pothole,” Devante Griffin said. 

One man said something fell off the bridge one time and hit their car.

This project is a part of ARDOT’s Connecting Arkansas Program, which includes widening 5.5 miles of I-40 to three lanes in each direction.

ARDOT said the wide wing requires asphalt repairs for the detour bridge at HWY 67/229.

“It’s really bad,” Griffin said. “It really sucks because the tires I have are low profile on my car so when I hit them sometimes I’m afraid to actually blow a tire.”

“It’s in bad need of repairs,” Hines said. “I know it’s a temporary road and all but people have to travel the road and it’s getting kinda bad.”

In order to fix the potholes, ARDOT said they have construction crews out working. That work will continue Friday around 6 p.m., 10 p.m. and during some overnight hours.

“It’s very annoying, especially when you’re ready to get home when you get off work and then you gotta dodge the holes and it’s just like it gotta be better than that,” Griffin said. 

There are also some additional repairs scheduled for next week. Officials are asking for everyone to be cautious when driving in this area.

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