LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Halloween season is over, which means it’s time to get rid of those jack-o-lanterns.

One group in the Hillcrest neighborhood has a unique way of throwing them away…down a hill.

Everyone was invited out to roll their old pumpkins down hill road and midland street Sunday.

According to Hillcrest resident Barbara Mariani, the purpose of the event is to come together, have fun and try to roll your pumpkin to the end of the street.

“Every year we have and everyone takes their pumpkins from Halloween and they roll them down this hill and they try to reach the end of the street,” Mariani said. “I think it’s just for the neighborhood to come together and have fun together”

Prizes were handed out for the best pumpkin rolls and 10-dollar donations were taken to participate and the money will be used to benefit the Arkansas Food Bank.