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Garland County Humane Society Needs Help With 28 Dogs Found

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. - The Humane Society of Garland County is asking for help after more than two dozen dogs were found at a home in a possible hoarding situation. 

The dogs were located in rural Garland County outside of Pearcy. 

The organization's president, Ivy Wood, says she was contacted by neighbors that the man who owns the property wanted his dogs to go to good homes. 

"These dogs love him to death and he loves them," Wood said. 

In what some would consider a hoarding situation, Wood says the owner started with four dogs and through others dumping dogs, and multiplying, they turned into 28. 

The humane society is working to get the dogs vet treatment and spayed and neutered. 

Wood says it could be at least $5,000. A cost she says this organization can't put up alone. 

"If somebody donates $5 dollars, anything, whatever you can donate, it will help get these dogs vetted and into homes," Woods said. 

Wood says considering the circumstances, these canines were cared for. 

"He's a hero to me. The people that have this many dogs that we run into to the dogs are not cared for. They are anti-social, they are afraid of their owner, they mind him because of fear, but these dogs are not at all like that," Wood said. 

There is an extensive application process to adopt the dogs. 

If you're interested in adoption, or donating, visit www.facebook.com/HumaneSocietyofGarlandCounty

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