GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. – A pipeline rupture in Garland County left residents shaken and without some key resources.

Residents said they’ve been without gas ever since this rupture yesterday and haven’t heard when it’ll be back on.

People in town said that when the rupture happened Wednesday, most people evacuated to two places: Jessieville High School’s Safe Room and Meredith’s One Stop.

An employee at Meredith’s One Stop said the restaurant is one of the only ones able to be up in running in town because it runs off propane instead of gas.

Resident Kay Blake was at Meredith’s Thursday, and she explained what it felt like when the rupture happened.

“I live about 10 miles past it, but I mean everybody around me felt it,” Blake said. “It was very, very frightening.”

Blake added that the explosion physically shook the homes of her daughter and mother-in-law.

FOX 16 News reached out to state agencies and pipeline owner Energy Transfer for comment on the rupture and when the last inspection was but have not yet heard back.