GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. — A family is emotional Wednesday as they continue to help their loved one recover after a shooting.

A Garland County woman was shot in the face and the chest during a standoff last week. The Garland County Sheriff’s office said her ex-boyfriend is the one who pulled the trigger.  

“Unbelievably sad and just can’t believe it’s happening to my own family,” victim’s sister Martha Schlensker said.  

The family is sharing her story. They said Wednesday,  Jacquline Scallion, the victim is stable.

Now they are all hoping for her to push through surgery.  

“It’s heartbreaking because you’re standing there not knowing if she’s going to live or not, we don’t know if the doctors going to come out and tell you she’s passed.” 

The family said they have been on an emotional roller coaster.  

“It’s so hard to explain our feelings right now,” victim’s mother Johnette Seaton said. “We have so much emotion, mixed feelings.” 

Martha’s sister, Scallion was shot in the face on Thursday, January 30, sheriff’s said. 

“You can’t do anything, you have to just watch her suffer through something and she’s so painful and so scared,” Schlensker said.   

The sheriff’s office identified the suspect as her ex-boyfriend, Cody Woolems. Meanwhile the family is recognizing a neighbor as a hero. They said Scallion ran to a neighbor’s house where she received help. 

Retired nurse, Laura Parker stepped in to help clean up Scallion’s wounds and call 911. She was a nurse for more than 30 years.  

“My nurse hat went on and we dragged her in, brought her in the kitchen, grabbed some towels, wanted to see where she was shot at, she was holding her hands up,” Parker said. “Went to cleaning her up best I could.” 

The family said they want to share her story in hopes of helping other out there in domestic violence situations.  

“We want it out there,” Schlensker said. “We want people to know that domestic violence is obviously real.” 

Woolems has been charged with 1st degree domestic battery. The family has set up a fundraiser, for more on how to donate click here.