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Golfer John Daly's Bus Hit

AUGUSTA, Ga.- Golf legend John Daly's bus was hit by a car while parked outside Hooters Friday afternoon. 

Daly parks a bus in the same spot every year during Masters Tournament week, selling merchandise.

Daly says a woman was attempting to make a U-turn on Washington Road, when she apparently lost control, crashing into the parking lot area.

No one was injured in the crash, but Daly hurt his knee while jumping out of the way. 

"It swelled up," says Daly. "I got some ice under there, so hopefully I'll be ready to play next week. Two hours after that, the Budweiser truck hit another car right here. Come on down to Hooters if you want to see a lot of crap going on."

Daly and his wife just got the bus back from the shop after it suffered hurricane damage.  

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