HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A heartfelt reunion happened Wednesday in Hot Springs after a good Samaritan helped a 16-year-old in a time of need following a crash with an accused drunk driver.

Timie Yancy and her son Hudson were pleading for the public’s help to find a man who helped Hudson after he was hit by the accused drunk driver.

After FOX 16’s story on their experience aired Monday night, the family tracked down Cole shortly after.

The good Samaritan goes by the name of Cole. He worked at the Citgo in Hot Springs at the time of the April 10 wreck for Hudson.

“I cannot save the world,” Cole said. “If I could, I probably would.”

But for Hudson, Cole saved his world for just a few minutes when he got in the wreck.

“A few moments later was when he came into the store with his tongue half bit off and bleeding,” Cole said.

Cole found Hudson’s phone in his truck, called Hudson’s parents and 911, and offered Hudson comforting words, and gave him a hug.

“If it had been my child, your child… I think it is our responsibility to take care of our youth,” Cole said.

Wednesday, on the one-month anniversary of the crash, the two shared another hug. This one looked different than the first, covered in sweat, rather than blood. After reuniting, the two played some one-on-one basketball. They said this is a sport they both love.

For a month, Hudson had hoped to find Cole to give him a thank you letter, gift card and tell him he’s thankful.

“I am just so thankful,” Hudson said. “I cannot say it enough.”

Cole said stepping up to help was a no-brainer. He said doing a news interview about it took some convincing.

“I just did not feel like I deserved that type of attention,” Cold said.

Cole agreed to the interview hoping it might encourage others to also step up if they ever see someone else in a time of need. A family friend of the Yanceys is calling it #TheColeEffect.

“The situation would have been completely different, and probably way worse without Cole,” Hudson said.

Two strangers, now bonded and grateful that a scary situation brought them together.

“Just as thankful as he is for me, I am thankful for him,” Cole said.

Hudson’s mom, Timie has organized a GoFundMe for Cole in addition to getting him a gift card to a steak house in Hot Springs. Cole said he is looking forward to using the gift card to take his daughter’s mom there for Mother’s Day this weekend.