GREENBRIER, Ark. – Owner of Colt’s Quick Draw in Greenbrier, Colt Harmon, has received threats verbally and over social media regarding rising gas prices.

The average price of unleaded gas in Arkansas is $4.54, a one-cent increase from yesterday. Gas prices have affected everyone, even the owners of gas stations.

Harmon said, “a lot of consumers right now, they don’t know….. it’s tough. It’s tough for everybody. It’s tough for us. It’s tough for the fuel suppliers. It’s tough for the consumers”. Harmon has received threats on social media and in-store over these price changes at his Greenbrier station.

“We’ve had people come after us, like why are y’all gouging? Why are y’all this? We are like, listen… we are not. We are selling below our cost. Literally, we are. I mean once you factor in credit card fees and freight, I mean we are not making any money on fuel, ” Harmon said.

Showing customers the pricing sheets when they threatened him or asked about the changing prices. “For us, we just try to educate the consumer as best as possible, and you know I have nothing to hide. I am an open book. you want to see how much gas is, we will show you,” said Harmon.

He said he prides himself on being the place to come to in town to fill up. “We’ve made kind of the vow to be the cheapest in town,” said Harmon. He said that there is not much he can do about the pricing and that those that have threatened him, should take the issue to Arkansas lawmakers.