GREENBRIER, Ark. — Two students at Greenbrier High School are being punished after they’re accused of bullying a classmate.

Superintendent Scott Spainhour says the student who was bullied had food thrown at them in the cafeteria Tuesday.

“This was at lunch, in front of a group of students, so it’s especially bad behavior. He was trying to single this kid out and he was successful,” Spainhour said. “He took some mash potatoes off his plate and either threw them at him, wiped them on him I don’t know.”

Pictures and video from inside the cafeteria have been spreading on social media. Several pictures include captions calling the bullied teen homophobic slurs.

“It’s absolutely disgusting behavior,” Spainhour said. “It’s completely unacceptable. We had a brand new student new to our school new to our community and he was picked on.”

As posts about what happened spread on social media so did rumors.

The mom of one of the two kids accused of doing the bullying, says her son is now being targeted online.

“There should be zero tolerance for bullying,” she said. “He knows what he did is wrong. He was punished, he was punished at home and at school.”

The mom went on to say her son needs to learn from his mistake and not be attacked.

“He wants to apologize, he knows he was wrong,” she said.