Group hears public input on what Little Rock’s form of government should look like

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two meetings in Little Rock Monday evening discussed the city’s form of government and how it could be better.

One meeting was a public feedback meeting to the Governance Structure Study group, which is a group of people appointed by the Board of Directors and the Mayor.

Many people had various ideas of what they would like Little Rock’s form of government to be.

“Nobody seems to be responsible, nobody is accountable and nobody knows what’s going on,” says Little Rock resident Henry Dredder.

Dredder says he’s skeptical of change but wants to see Little Rock be better balanced.

“The At-Large positions should be dissolved,” says Dredder.

Others like Jim Lynch, who also lives in Little Rock, disagree and say the At-Large positions are vital for the City.

Lynch says he wants the Mayor to be completely in charge of the City.

“The Mayor should be able to choose a Chief Deputy of his or her own choosing without the approval of anybody. If you want the job you’re going to need help. It’s a big job,” says Lynch.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. was busy Monday evening too. Across town at another event, Mayor Scott stressed the need for a strong Mayoral-city council form of government.

“I think it’s no secret that I campaigned to change the form of government,” says Mayor Scott. “We were gonna adhere to a 2007 ordinance that many of you voted for to make certain the Mayor would have chief executive authority,” says Mayor Scott.

Some draw to question if the Mayor is the CEO of the City, why the City Manager is making approximately $190,000 a year, $30,000 more than the Mayor.

While everyone seems to have different ideas, Dredder says change needs to start soon.

“Too often, it is about moving the same activities to different locations and different people and we the people never see a real change,” says Dredder.

The commissioners who heard the public input will finalize its report and submit to the Board of DIrectors and Mayor soon.

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