Gun debate reignites after Colorado school shooting

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WASHINGTON – Tuesday’s deadly school shooting in Colorado has once again led members of Congress to urge legislative action to combat gun violence. 

18-year-old Kendrick Castillo was days away from graduating high school when he died rushing a shooter at his suburban Denver school.

A vigil at that school this week morphed into a protest as mourners clashed over gun control and what to do next. 

A bill that passed the House would close many loopholes for gun purchases. 

It hasn’t yet gotten a vote in the Senate, frustrating Democratic leaders. 

But some Republicans say they haven’t ignored the gun violence problem.

“We passed legislation that would strengthen the NICS program and put more resources into hardening some of those targets, particularly in schools,” says Sen. John Thune (r-South Dakota).

“I am so disappointed once again in Leader McConnell and the Republican majority who have turned this chamber into a legislative graveyard,” says Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York).

Two teens are in custody in connection in the Colorado shooting. 

Investigators still don’t have a solid motive behind the attack.  

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