Harrison comes up with solution for goose problem near lake

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HARRISON, Ark. (KY3) – It’s a messy math problem.

”Each goose leaves four pounds of dropping on our sidewalk. Times 200, that’s 800 pounds of geese dropping we have on our sidewalk,” said Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson.

And it’s been a problem for people like Adrianna Halamek and her daughter Brooklynn who come to the park by Lake Harrison a couple of times a week.

”It’s hard to walk here when there’s all of their feces all over the sidewalk. And we’d always have to dodge it, and she has to dodge it on her scooter,” Halamek said.

The geese are also known to be aggressive.

”My daughter is always afraid of them chasing her,” Halamek said.

For years the city has tried different ways to get rid of the geese and discouraged people from feeding them.

”We tried machines, and we tried signs. We tried coyotes. We had rubber coyotes out here that were supposed to scare the geese,” Jackson said. They also had to clean up the mess they left behind.”Church 180 volunteered to come through here every day and wash the droppings off of the sidewalk,” Jackson said.

But nothing worked. Until now.

The city sprayed an aviation control bird repellent on the grass.

When the geese snack on the grass, they don’t like the taste, and it doesn’t sit well in their digestive system.

So they go somewhere else for better tasting food.

“Over a period of about a week, the 200 geese are gone,” Jackson said.

The chemical is not sprayed on or near the water, and the ducks aren’t as affected by it because they aren’t as dependent on grass for food.

The mayor hopes the solution to this math problem sticks.

“I can’t tell you, folks, how wonderful this is to have this beautiful park on Lake Harrison geese free,” Jackson said.

The mayor said he doesn’t think the park will have to be sprayed again until next May if the geese decide to come back.

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