LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Family members of a slain Little Rock man held a visitation for him a week after he died.

Dolan Goff, 26, graduated from Baptist Prep High School before working at Discount Trophies, the business his grandfather started. He was set to take over when his mother retired.

“My daughter, when she retires, that was going to him,” said Steve Mayfield, Goff’s grandfather. “Now, we don’t know.”

Goff died last Monday after he was shot earlier this month. Investigators said he was found in a red Dodge Ram on the 2900 block of Springer Blvd. just a mile from his home.

Before Goff died, he was able to speak to authorities and family members about what happened, Mayfield said.

“From what he can tell, there was a fight beside the road,” Mayfield said. “He got in the middle of it, and they shot him in the back.”

Last week, police arrested an unidentified person, 17, in connection to Goff’s death. 

“He said he saw three guys fighting in the road and he stopped to help,” said Ashley McCarty, Goff’s girlfriend of six years and soon-to-be wife. “He said, ‘They just shot me.'”

Mayfield said Goff liked to fish and played football in high school. He said customers at the trophy store asked specifically for him because of his kind temperament.

“We don’t understand why it happens to people, but it does,” Mayfield said.

Goff’s life will not be forgotten, Mayfield said.

“He would’ve been a good father,” Mayfield said. “He was just cut too short, man.”