LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Most people living in Central Arkansas may have noticed pollen on everything. It’s hard to miss this time of year.

Stuffy noses, itchy throats and yellow cars are all signs that pollen is in the air. Whether it’s coating cars or making allergies act up, its impacting everyone right now.

Eric Archer drives a big white truck and claims that this time of year he gets his car washed twice a week so it doesn’t turn yellow.

“Every morning there’s a layer of green-yellow soot on the top of your vehicle, and it just irritates me,” Archer said. “It gets worse and worse every year.”

From behind the wheel to behind the hose, Ducky’s car wash assistant manager Josue Garcia at says he’s been spraying pollen off cars non-stop.

“Usually, we get an influx of people coming into the car wash and we get pretty busy.” Garcia noted.

Across town at the Arkansas Allergy Asthma clinic, allergy specialist Dr. Eddie Shields said they’ve been extra busy, too.

“April is the worst month for allergy sufferers because we have so much pollen and different types of pollen that are in the air,” Shields explained. “It’s usually windy so pollen is floating around and just wreaking havoc on peoples nose and their eyes.”

The doctor said trees pollinate starting in February, then in April the grass starts to pollinate, so there’s a lot of stuff in the air.

“I wake up every morning and my nose is stopped up and I’m blowing out green boogers everywhere,” Archer shared.

Shields said his best advice is to those affected by pollen is to avoid being outside.

He also said many people ask how to tell if they are experiencing allergies or COVID-19. Shields explained itchy eyes or itchy nose is a good sign that it’s just allergies, but he did add that people should call their doctor if they have concerns.