TEXARKANA, Ark. (KLRT) – A student at Arkansas High School in Texarkana is battling cancer but not fighting alone.

Asia Williams, 15, was diagnosed with rhabdoid tumor cancer back in July. She’s a patient at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, but her school in Texarkana is supporting her miles away.

“As a father, it’s hard to just sit there and watch your child go through this,” Asia’s dad, Larry Williams, said.

AHS principal Michael Odom said it was the students’ idea to band together in Asia’s honor by wearing pink and having words of prayer during this tough time.

“Our counseling center is revisiting our trauma and crisis plan to help people deal with this type of stress and grief that come from illness,” Odom explained.

Quonteisha Benton, the mother of the 10th grader, said the show of support, “goes a long way.”

“We’re so blessed to have everyone supporting us and praying for us,” she added.

Arkansas High isn’t the only school being Asia Strong. Lafayette and Pangburn High School wore pink in her honor also.

The family said they’d like to throw a pizza party for all the schools to show their appreciation for the love and support.