Hog fans work on Tampa plans for Outback Bowl

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Hog fans have been excited about the Hogs’ bowl game ever since the announcement was made Sunday. 

Gina Johnson with Little Rock Tours said their phones have been blowing up since the Hogs hit six wins but since the Outback Bowl announcement it’s been frenetic.

“Our offices have been inundated with all these Razorback fans from all over the state who are bowl hungry!” Johnson exclaimed.

Johnson said Little Rock Tours is offering two different travel packages, one with a game ticket and one without.  She said it’s a 5-day trip and assures folks it won’t be filled with just watching the trees down the highway.  Johnson also said all the things you would normally have to worry about are taken care of.

“You don’t have to really worry about anything.  You don’t have to worry about parking, you don’t have to worry about anything other than showing up and calling the Hogs,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that a bowl gift from Santa might be a good idea too.

“It’s a great Christmas gift for anybody and you haven’t been able to give them this Christmas gift for many years,” Johnson said.

But if something like that is not available to fans for whatever reason then handling the travel yourself might be the preferred way to go. 

Alex Watkins with Postcard Passengers recommends booking things now though.

“Definitely the quicker you can lock that rate down as we get closer to the holidays because they’re gonna go up,” Watkins explained.

She said to save on flights it might be more advantageous to drive to Memphis or even Dallas.  She said it could save a couple of hundred dollars.  Also if you want to save more on hotels in Tampa, it might be better to look 20 miles out from downtown.

Watkins recommends doing your research on other things you may want to do outside of any bowl activities.

“A lot of things you can do on Google is find the best things to do in Tampa.  Restaurants are going to be busy so look into restaurants that take reservations so if you don’t like to sit and wait for an hour or two you won’t have to,” Watkins explained.

She said she can also help if the task does become overwhelming since there is a lot to do around a city like Tampa Bay.

But no matter how Hog fans travel to Tampa for the Outback Bowl, it will be a good time in the Big Guava.

“You’re going to be surrounded by Hogs friends and they’ll always find a way to have a good time. “

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