HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – On Monday, the Hot Springs Police Department stated three suspects were arrested over the weekend in the Amir Ellis investigation, charging them with kidnapping.

As the search continues for Ellis, his mother is praying someone will speak up so her son can be found soon. 

Hot Springs Police Department officials said 18-year-olds Nathaniel Speed, Alexia Chambers and a third juvenile suspect were arrested on Saturday in connection with the alleged kidnapping of 20-year-old Amir Ellis. 

Police said Ellis was reported missing Wednesday, May 17 around 9 p.m. on Rock Creek Circle. Throughout the investigation, investigators said they identified Speed, Chambers and the juvenile as suspects and developed a probable location for them in Fort Smith. With the help of the Fort Smith Police Department, police arrested the three.

Ellis’ mother Jessica Ellis said her worst nightmare came to life when her son went missing. 

“I got a call from his baby’s mother,” she said. “That my son had been jumped on and dragged out of a house.”

Although police have not confirmed the details Jessica Ellis gave, investigators said Ellis has still not been found and the case remains under investigation.

“I was happy about that but they have been in custody for a few days now and my son still hasn’t been found,” Jessica Ellis said. 

She said she knows her son made mistakes but he didn’t deserve this. 

“Yea, he made some bad choices, especially with the friends or company he kept but he didn’t deserve this,” said Ms. Ellis. 

Ellis said her son had many accomplishments, including being a state champion wrestler before he graduated high school, she hopes redemption is still in his future. 

“He had just been focusing on his baby coming, trying to find a new job; he also was a licensed CNA,” Ellis said.

She is urging anyone with answers to come forward even if they are anonymous. 

“Do the right thing, think about if it was your mother or your siblings that was missing you don’t even have to say who you are,” Ellis said. 

She said she is praying she sees her son soon. 

All three suspects were located in Fort Smith where police say they were taken to Hot Springs and are being held on a $1 million bond.

Police also said that to ensure a fair judicial process for all parties involved, the Garland County Circuit Court has issued a gag order in the case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at 501-321-6789.