Hot Springs mother arrested in connection to baby’s death, police say

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- A Hot Springs woman is facing charges in connection to her baby’s death.

According to a report from Hot Springs Police, Summer Kazzee, 22, was arrested Thursday in connection to the death of her daughter on August 17.

According to the police report, Kazzee told detectives she tried to put her 8-month-old twins down for a nap by placing them on a bed in a rear bedroom.

The woman told police her daughter would not lay down and kept getting off of the bed. She told police she put the baby in her old car set that was on the floor next to the bed in order to get her to take a nap around 3 p.m.

According to the report, the woman says she had strapped the top and bottom straps and the baby was rocking herself to sleep.

Kazzee told police she left the bedroom, pulled the door shut, and went into the living room in front of the house.

The woman told police she could hear the child in the room rocking and she went back to check on her at approximately 4:30 that afternoon. The woman told police at that time, the toddler was still rocking and even clapping her hands.

Kazzee told police around 5 that evening, she could not hear the child anymore so she jumped off the couch, ran into the room, and saw the toddler laying unresponsive in the car seat with the “Thing in her throat”. The woman explained to be the top buckle.

The mother told police she got the baby out of the car seat, took her outside and called for help.

Officials say the toddler was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later.

According to the report, Kazzee went to the Hot Springs Police Department on Aug. 28, to speak to a detective. She told a detective she used part of a blanket to tie around the bottom buckle so the baby will not mess with it. Kazzee told the detective the baby had never unbuckled the bottom buckle, and the buckle may not have been completely fastened.

She told police that she was using a rear-facing car seat because it was the only car seat she had at the time.

Kazzee faces a negligent homicide charge and is being held on a $5,000 bond.

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