HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Chief Special Warfare Operator Adam Lee Brown gave his life serving our country in Afghanistan in 2010. Now, a Hot Springs Post Office is honoring his memory.

“To me, the biggest…one of the most important things to Adam was the legacy he left for his children……he wanted to make sure people knew who he was before he met Jesus Christ,” Adam Brown’s wife Kelley Brown said, fighting back tears.

Kelley Brown will now have a special way to remember her husband.

The Post Office on Central Ave. has officially been named as the “Chief Petty Officery Adam Brown United States Post Office”.

Back in May 2016, national leaders passed a bill making this re-naming possible.

Brown is a Hot Springs native who went through a period of drug addiction, theft and prison time. Brown became a decorated Navy Seal and turned his life around to one devoted to faith, family and his country.

Brown also gave away 500 pairs of shoes to kids in Afghanistan as part of a project he started during his time there.