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Hot Springs School District Bus Accident Caught on Camera

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- Hot Springs police say a school bus driver is at fault after an accident Tuesday morning involving a school district bus with thirteen students on board.

"I could not believe what I saw," says Beverly Phillips. 

Phillips arrived home from dropping her grandson off at school to a lot of commotion on her corner.

"There was a bus that ran the stop sign and hit a vehicle with kids on the bus," says Phillips.

Phillips says she was worried about something like this happening and says she's reached out to the school district with concerns.

"I do see the way some of these bus drivers drive."

She pulled up her surveillance video showing the Hot Springs School District bus approach the intersection, then the moment of impact. 

Phillips says she used to be a school bus driver in the Dallas area and understands that sometimes it can be frustrating.

"I know it's hard some of these turns, some of these things, but you have to be paying attention every minute you're behind that wheel," says Phillips.

The police report indicates the school bus driver was at fault when she started to make a right hand turn hitting a car at the stop sign head on.  The video shows the car trying to back up as the bus comes around the corner. 

The Hot Springs School District says this is the 6th accident involving a school bus for the 2017-2018 school year.  In 3 of them the bus drivers were at fault.

HSSD says any bus driver involved in an accident is drug tested immediately.  The superintendent says that happened Tuesday morning.  All citations are handled in court and the district takes further action if needed after an investigation is concluded.

Hot Springs police say no one was injured in the crash, but the driver of the school bus was cited for careless and prohibited driving.

They also say in the last month, there have been two other crashes involving school buses, one from Lakeside and another from the Little Rock School District in Hot Springs.

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