Hot Springs woman able to salvage two bibles and photo album after storage unit fire

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Nearly a month ago, fire ripped through storage units in Hot Springs. After walking through to see what could be salvaged, one of the unit owners is thanking the man upstairs for listening to her prayers.

“There is fire in my unit and that’s when I began to cry,” Unit owner Alicia Wright said.

Wright used her storage space to operate her vintage store, but it wasn’t what she hoped to sell she worried would be destroyed.

“All I could think about was the pictures,” Wright said.

It was an album full of memories of her daughter.

“From the time that I was in the hospital with her up until she was in elementary,” Wright said.

When she was finally allowed on the property to see what if anything she could salvage, she couldn’t imagine what she’d find.

“This was a five tier shelf. Everything on it burned all the way down and then you get to where the Bible’s are and it just to me was like they’re protected,” Wright said.

The two bibles are more than 100 years old. They may have a little soot still on the pages, but Wright took it as a sign that her pictures of her and her daughter would be okay.

“I had hope,” Wright said.

Through the ashes, she found the album and the outside was completely burned.

“Oh I cried. I cried,” Wright said.

On the inside, however, the photos were still in tact.

“He knew how important it was to me. He heard my prayers and he answered them,” Wright said.

Now, looking at her unit, Wright doesn’t know what the future holds but says she’ll keep the faith.

“All this is gone but his word still remains,” Wright said.

She plans to make another album with those photos and plans to get a shadow box to display the Bibles.

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