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Hot Springs X-Ray Techs Save Man's Life While on Vacation

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - Two x-ray techs at National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs were looking for R&R when they took a vacation to the Dominican Republic earlier this summer. 

They say, not only did they enjoy the sun and sand, they also kicked into gear and saved a man's life when no one else was around to help. 

Leann Knaper and Desiree Carranza are not just teammates, but friends in the medical imaging department. They know through their work each day brings different challenges. 

They recently learned that the same can be said on vacation. 

Earlier this summer, the friends traveled from Hot Springs to the Dominican Republic, and one day they went snorkeling near Catalina Island. 

"A man signaled for help while we were snorkeling and they pulled him up on to the boat," Knaper said. 

They said they knew something was wrong, so they rushed over. 

"It's something you don't expect to do on vacation, especially when you're trying to relax and stay away from work,"  Carranza said. 

The two, along with another nurse from Portugal, did CPR on the man for about 15 minutes. 

"Us as x-ray techs, we just step back and watch everyone else do it, but at that moment instinct kicks in and we just looked at each other and were like 'something is wrong and we have to do it now,'" Carranza said.

They say he was eventually put on a rescue boat and taken to shore by a separate crew. 

"I asked one of them if this had happened to them before and he said no. If it wasn't for you guys then we would have lost this man," Carranza explained. 

In the right place, at the right time.  And after saving the man's life, they say, they went back to enjoying their vacation.

They said there was also a language barrier with the man and they never got his name and don't know where he's from. They are glad they saved his life. 

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