LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Many are experiencing summer heat across Arkansas although it’s mid-September. With this week only getting hotter this week several tourists say how they feel about the high temperatures. 

In Little Rock with temperatures in the 90s on Monday, Connecticut tourist Kimberly Collazo says the heat was cooking outside. 

“I felt like I walked into a sauna as soon as we came outside. I wasn’t expecting that, so I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not,” said Collazo.

As for Rick Gros and his wife Cheryl from Louisiana, they say visiting Little Rock this week in the hot temperatures felt great. 

“We expected some high temperatures later on in the week but today we expected it to be not as bad so that’s why we’re out and about,” said Gros. 

But on Wednesday temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees, a local cyclist from hot springs, Danny Matheny, believes it will affect the attendance in his cycling group. 

“We might not have a really good turnout Wednesday because we do ride Wednesday morning,” said Matheny. 

Wednesday’s heat also has Collazo nervous about her trip in the Natural State. 

“We’re going to be out in the park looking for diamonds, so I guess we’re going to have to bring a lot of water.” Collazo goes on to say, “I think we will just make sure we have plenty of water, seek shade and that type of thing and just be smart.” 

Our station’s weather team suggests everyone carry water with them when they are outside this week.