CLARK COUNTY, Ark. — The Humane Society of Clark County is facing threats of closure after they said they’re running out of money. 

They’re making a final plea for help and have said they don’t know what will happen to the animals if the shelter runs out of funds to operate with.

Whitney Womble, with the Humane Society, said it’s days with rain coming down that reminds them of the future they had once hoped for.

“It’s hard for us to have to dig into things, that we really had dreamed of using in other situations,” Womble said.

Dipping into savings meant for other purposes just to operate daily, Womble says that the dream of the new shelter has died, as they have bigger problems on their hands.

“We’re looking at six months before we have to close our doors permanently,” Womble said.

Womble says inflation, owner surrenders, and lack of adoptions has led to operating costs doubling, as the amount of dogs and cats has increased, as well as the cost of everyday supplies.

“The longer the animals stay here, the more money you are spending on them,” Womble said.

Womble says that they’ve held free adoptions events trying to find these animals new homes, but barely any were adopted, leaving them scared for what would happen if they had to close.

“The biggest the problem would be, is that the animals in this area would have nowhere to go, the other rescues around are just as full and everybody is struggling,” Womble said.

Womble said they have around 130 animals in their care and that number is a lot compared to the size of surrounding cities, and they’re hoping to provide homes for all.

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