LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Monday marks one year since award-winning journalist Brent Renaud was killed while covering the war in Ukraine.

Sunday, family and friends gathered to honor and celebrate his life.

“Arkansas and the people of Arkansas, we probably couldn’t have gotten through this last year without all of their support and love,” Brent Renaud’s sister, Michele Purifoy said.

“Sadly, Brent is gone, and for us who are left behind the only thing we can do it keep his legacy,” friend and co-worker with Brent, Naga Endo, said.

That is exactly what those who gathered on Sunday did.

“The crowd and the turnout from Brent’s memorial last year and this, just speaks to who Brent was,” friend of the family, Andy Sarjahani said.

Naga Endo is a friend of Brent’s and they worked on many projects together. Endo shared the impact Brent had on his life and why he made the trip to Little Rock from New York.

“The only thing I can do is just be here with everybody, with the family, and also to remember his legacy and what he was trying to accomplish so hopefully we continue that work he was trying to do,” Endo said.

Purifoy reflected on the childhood memories with her brother and some words he shared that she will never forget.

“What made him healthy and whole was to do good for other people and use his limited powers to do good,” and “he would just be honored if we could use our powers to help the next person,” Purifoy stated.

As food and drinks were enjoyed and stories were told, leaders from the community came out to talk about the world-wide impact Brent has, but also the one he has in Little Rock as well.

“We are just so grateful for Brent, and we are proud that we were able to honor him last year, and still be here today with his family to continue to remember him so that we can create other Brent’s around the world,” Mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr. said.

“He is everywhere now, his spirit is everywhere it’s not just his work, the lives he has touched is infinite, it would be impossible to calculate how Brent had an impact,” Sarjahani said.