Illegal Dumping of Animal Carcasses Concerns Neighbors

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SALINE COUNTY, Ark. — An unsettling discovery over the weekend has even seasoned hunters scratching their heads and itching for something to be done. Around 15 dead deer and a dead dog – found on a property  along Sardis Road in Saline County.

“Most of the people who live out here are hunters,” says John Cohen. He has lived in the Sardis for 28 years. “Some of the people in our community have been out here for 50 or 60 years.”

He’s an avid hunter – but says what he saw on this road in Saline County – left him speechless.

“It was very alarming,” says Whitney Morrison. Morrison says she first spotted the illegal dumping over the weekend. “I was just driving through and saw the dead dog and wanted to see if anyone knew, so I posted it to see if it was a baby anyone was missing,” she says.

Saline County investigators say dumping of this kind is illegal on private property. “There’s a lot of young carcasses out here,” says Morrison. Arkansas Game and Fish Commissioner’s say they found several young and old carcasses. “They could have taken them back in their deer leases and buried them,” says Cohen.  

Cohen says he wants hunters who dump dead deer – to be more responsible. “Everyone knows the rules, I hunt, everybody hunts out here,” says Cohen. “There’s no reason to dump these deer carcasses in piles off the side of the road.”

Now, people living in this community – hoping they get answers – so this illegal dumping can come to an end. “I think it’s sad that it’s common,” says Morrison. “We all know the laws, I think it’s bout time that we start acting like it.”

Investigators say a fine for anyone caught dumping illegally can cost around $1,000 dollars.

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