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Inmate Leaves Voice Message For Family During Hostage Situation at ADC Prison

New details coming in about a Friday night hostage situation at an Arkansas maximum security unit in Tucker. An ADC spokesperson tells us four people were injured including two correctional officers and two inmates. "We got a hostage situation at Tucker Max Unit."

A frightening message -- left on a voicemail. "Got two police," says a voice on the message. "Me and my guy got two police man held hostage, stabbed up, beat up, chained up."

"I can't get no answers, information from the prisons," says Dolores Rosson. Rosson says her son -- Christopher Brewer -- an inmate at Tucker Max Unit left that message.

An ADC spokesperson told us four people were taken to the hospital Friday night -including two correctional officers and two inmates. "I fear for my sons safety, fear that he's dead," says Rosson.

Officials say the inmates were taken down with the use of force. Aside from that information -- Rosson says the family is being kept in the dark. "They hang up abruptly when we start asking questions," she says. "I don't know whether he's dead or alive."

The voice message continues, "Tell them we're tired of being oppressed, tired of being beaten, and tired of these officers, security officers. All we got is a $10 dollar spending limit, we're hungry in these cells."

This is the third incident involving violence between correctional officers and inmates at the prison in recent months. Now the family is just hoping for the answers, they fear they may never get. "I know my son is a bad boy but I would like to see changes in the prison system," says Rosson.

Officials say both inmates have non-life threatening injuries and were returned back to ADC early Saturday. ADC hasn't confirmed yet if Brewer was one of the inmates involved in the hostage situation.


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